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EBTIC wins 2nd place at AAIA 2017 Data Mining Challenge

22nd of May, 2017

Dr. Dymitr Ruta of EBTIC working in a team with a former EBTIC researcher Dr. Quang Hieu Vu jointly scored the 2nd place in the AAIA’2017 Data Mining Competition focused on helping AI to play the game of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

The objective of the competition was to design the predictive model that would use just current snapshot of the current state of the game, including player’s and opponent’s properties, to most accurately predict the winner of the game. Dymitr and Quang composed a robust hybrid artificial intelligence (AI) model utilizing the state of the art machine learning (ML) algorithms and used their experience and expertise in predictive data analytics to extract maximum predictive value from raw data and turn it into most robust predictions of the game outcomes.

They have been competing against 188 international teams that represent the world’s best in this field and were marginally outperformed by just 1 team. This outcome is a great reflection of the edge that Big Data Analytics team consistently maintains in the AI and ML domains and showcases EBTIC’s strong and generic capabilities to monetize big data for its partners and customers across very wide range of applications.